Services – Catholic Marketing

Bugle Media Services utilizes one of the most (if not THE most) extensive, up-to-date databases of Catholic media in existence. Every media buy is custom-designed to eliminate wasted coverage while maximizing our clients’ return on investment.

Whether it’s targeting any or all of the 150+ market specific (Diocesan) newspapers and magazines in the United States reaching nearly 5.7 million households, the 100+ U.S. National and Hispanic ¬†or Canadian Catholic National and diocesan newspapers and magazines reaching more than 1 million households, the 20+ Catholic and Faith-Based national websites reaching more than 15 million unique visitors monthly, or 30+ market specific (Diocesan) websites reaching more than 850,000 unique visitors monthly, or 250+ Catholic and Faith-Based radio stations offering coverage in virtually every market in the U.S., we craft a media plan that gives our clients the best chance for success, every time!

Bugle Media Services also utilizes a custom-designed traffic and billing system. Insertion orders and artwork are thoroughly reviewed for accuracy, and everything is processed electronically ensuring fast turn-around. Paperwork is held to an absolute minimum; usually a single contract and monthly invoice, no matter how many newspapers, magazines, websites or radio stations are on the buy. All media are required to provide proof of performance in a timely fashion so there’s never a question as to what was purchased or delivered.