Services – Healthcare Sector Recruitment

In addition to maintaining a database of more than 100 medical publications and websites, Bugle Media Services utilizes a state-of-the-art traffic and billing system. Insertion orders are thoroughly reviewed for accuracy, and everything is processed electronically, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and the fastest turn-around. 

Plus, we won’t bury you with paperwork¬†no matter how many publications or websites are utilized for each posting,¬†often providing a single contract and invoice.

All publications and websites are required to provide proof of performance for all placements. We do this to make sure that no client is ever billed for an ad that didn’t run as scheduled. Clients receive copies as well so there’s never a question as to what was purchased or delivered.

We never promise more than we can deliver. Our business is founded on our knowledge, our experience and our integrity. We strive to provide the strongest value proposition in the ad placement industry to every client, with every order, every day!