Get to the Point – Tips for Editing

By Christopher Gunty Back in my college days, I turned in my column for the weekly campus newspaper to the copy editor for editing (often right on deadline). Once, without even looking at it, she marked it up for the typesetter and put it in the basket with other stories. “What about editing it?” I asked. “You’re an editor; it’s probably OK,” she said. “Everyone needs an editor. Please take a look at it,” I nearly be
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Thoughts on “The Greatest Management Principle in the World” by Michael LeBoeuf

Like most of you, I’ve read a number of books over the years covering topics related to self-improvement and better business practices. One of the best I’ve ever read was a relatively brief book (112 pages) titled “The Greatest Management Principle in the World,” by Michael LeBoeuf.  What made this book unique is that it offers real-world applications for both business and personal growth. Most people con
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E-Mail… . What is it good for?

If you’re like me, you live in e-mail. Even if you’re not sending/receiving 100+ e-mail messages on an average business day, for many people the primary means of communicating (both for work and personal) is probably electronic as opposed to person-to-person. According to Hans Vestberg, President and CEO of Ericsson, a Swedish telecommunications company, “Mobile data surpassed voice on a global basis during December
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Driving Website Traffic

Submitted by Randy Phillips Apodaca Web Ad Manager Catholic Courier/ El Mensajero Catolico E mail address: RPhillips@catholiccourier.com Since I joined the Catholic Courier in 2008 from a background in telecommunications and Internet applications, we have emphasized SEO in order to build up traffic and engagement on the newspaper’s website. The site, www.catholiccourier.com, was rebuilt in 2009 on a content managemen
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New Business Development and a Written Advertising Policy Go Hand in Hand!

Let’s face it, for the most part the traditional Catholic press advertisers and categories are covered. Most of the Catholic bookstores, cemeteries, hospitals, assisted care facilities, Catholic schools and colleges/universities, pilgrimage/tour operators and fund-raising organizations already advertise to the Catholic community, either on a diocesan or national level. If we’re going to generate the incre
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